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Our loved, planned , wanted little boy was diagnosed with a severe heart deformity at the 20 week scan. After emergency consultancy appointments and visiting a heart surgeon and specialist at Birminghams Women’s Hospital the diagnosis was worse than first given and our little man would not live to adulthood and was extremely unlikely to survive operations at birth . The decision to terminate him was heartbreaking, the mental pain will live with me for ever, everyday I miss him but I know it was the right decision as he didn’t suffer, he wasn’t chopped open ,surviving on machines. My journey of struggling to conceive , fetal deformities , termination , post-mortem, trying again has been hell but through the darkness came light in form of my newborn little girl . People can judge but every experience is different and women do not just have abortions because a Pregnancy is unplanned . Women are speaking out about abuse , rape, menopause but are still scared of the stigma of abortion / terminations !

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Real Stories of Abortion

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Real Stories of Abortion

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