When I had my abortion, I expected women in the abortion clinic to be in floods of tears, but actually most women are really relieved to be treated kindly and with respect. Most women know what’s right for them by the time they come to clinic. Women who fear the opinions of partners, family or community seem to have the hardest time emotionally. Some women can’t ask for support from anyone they know.

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I was a mature adult and believed I was in a loving caring relationship. I feel now I was very wrong. It was a very tough decision choosing to terminate, but I felt like I had to do it to protect my b

I was very young when I stupidly got pregnant. I managed to persuade my GP to give me the precious green consent form even though by that point I was around 16-17 weeks. I think it was because I was s

I didn’t really know what to expect when I had an abortion at home during covid. I didn’t panic but there were a few moments where I was just not quite sure what to expect and because I didn’t know an