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I realised I was pregnant in 2017. I had been told I couldn’t get pregnant by a doctor when I was 18 and for 10 years hadn’t been very careful. Because I thought I couldn’t get pregnant I never thought to test but I’d visited an NHS Sexual health clinic because I realised he’d taken the condom off during and I needed to get an STI check. The doctor gave me the test even though I assured her that certainly couldn’t be the case. I immediately knew I needed an abortion as soon as I saw it. There was no doubt in me that I would have done anything to have one. The laws in my country can be a bit confusing so when I called the organisation when they told me I had to pay £500 I didn’t question it. I had to ring my family to borrow money which was tough because I didn’t have £500 saved up and it would have meant rent or the abortion I couldn’t do both. I had no idea the NHS would fund it or that there was support available. I had to delay the abortion a week to get the funds together and then another week because my boss cancelled my annual leave. I had to tell 2 of the managers in order for them to let me have the time off. They were both so horrified I said I was having it because the embryo was ectopic. Walking through the protesters was the worst part I was shaking and one reached out to hand me some rosaries but I was so on edge I thought she was going to hit me. In the clinic no one really explained anything to me about where to wait or what to do, I paid my money and waited. During the scan I asked some questions about the pregnancy and the medication. I was then given the mife and then told to administer the miso into my vagina. I thought I’d need a second appointment as that’s what they said online but they said it was fine to just do it now. I didn’t have anyone at home because I thought I’d be passing the pregnancy on the second day. It ended up being fine I preferred the privacy of being by myself. I watched tv and made cups of tea. It was all over within 8 hours. I recovered really quickly but wished I could talk about it with people. I started abortion advocacy shortly after because everyone deserves to be able to have safe, legal and free abortion care. I know I would have done anything to have an abortion and many people I know have expressed the same.

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