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For all the women reading this, I hope this story gives you hope and strength because I promise, the process may be a lot easier than anticipated. Below is my story of a very positive experience, so please keep reading.

When I found out, I was terrified…. Being someone who has never taken any medications, undergone surgeries etc the experience itself was the most scary for me. I would go into anxiety and panic attacks.. I knew right now this was the best decision for me and I was blessed there was a way, but would I survive it?

Initially I was going to choose the aspiration method, but doing all my research and knowing I wanted no drowsy medications, no surgeries and for it to happen in the privacy of my home naturally, I finally decided the medicinal route was the best for me so I changed my appointment. I got to the clinic and OF COURSE you read all the side effects and I thought oh my, how will I do this… my body has been nurtured all my life, will it survive this… the most scariest images ran through my head…what about the pain? They give you oxycodone and Tylenol 3’s as a precaution and my heart was racing thinking wow this is going to be bad, especially some stories I read, BUT I PROMISE KEEP READING, because my experience is hope for all the women out there reading this. I promised I would post if the experience went well and it did! Someone else’s story is what gave me hope!

I got taken in at the clinic, they did a blood work, vaginal ultrasound and told me according to their counting methods I was 7 weeks. They told me how to take the medications and where I could pick them up and a counsellor also spoke to me, making sure I knew this was my decision, which 100 percent it was.

I went home and took the first pill right away ( mifepristone)- the progesterone blocker and was terrified even to take this, thinking will I feel anything? HONESTLY, I felt nothing… just a little nausea but I am pretty sure that was due to the pregnancy as it was there the last couple of days.

26 hours later, losing sleep, preparing like no end, candles, pain medications, etc etc …. I look back and smile in gratitude and awe because truly half of it was not even needed. Half an hour before I took an anti-nausea pill and 2 Advils extra strength.. I was convinced I would not need the stronger meds… I then took the set of 4 pills ( put on the side of my cheeks) known as misoprostol and waited… almost meditating and saying all the positive things I had constantly repeated till this day … my heart racing….

I know this sounds crazy but the worst part was the sore throat I had for a few hours because of the pills and half an hour in I started feeling very mild cramps, that’s all , no other side effects!…. I went to the bathroom and the bleeding had started….. I kept thinking this can’t be it can it? A hot water bag on my belly was my best friend and my cramps maybe got to a 3/10 the whole time and I only used 2 Advils when needed and nothing else! I realized I stressed for nothing! I bled very heavy for about 10 hours with huge clots coming out and what I felt at one point being the sac ( greyish/yellow tissue). The bleeding was very heavy for one day, regular for the next with the cramping maybe getting to a 1 or even 0 out of 10 for the following days… YES! And the spotting lasted quite a while about 2 weeks.

I went for a check up a week later and they confirmed It was successful!

Women out there, please if you know this is what is right for you, this story is hope and an example that the process is not half as bad as we anticipate. Sending love and happiness to whoever reads this story and I hope this gives you the strength …know you are a warrior and everything is going to be okay!

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