I've been having ongoing period problems which had only started being investigated. Although continued bleeding was nothing new a test to rule out pregnancy was positive. I was relieved that it's available in NI now and I didn't have to think about how to travel during a pandemic. I called the central access line and had a consultation within 2 days. I felt reassured that I'd soon hear from a doctor. During this time the Northern Trust lost their access to EMA. I started to panic that my trust would as well. Suddenly I was considering how to pay and order pills online, or how I could lie if I had to travel, how I'd get childcare. It was then I found out there was only one doctor providing the service in our whole trust. So due this it took over a week to have a consultation with the doctor. Then I had to self isolate for 14 days as a close contact. All in all it was almost 4 weeks from finding out I was pregnant to getting the abortion. It was a stressful time and I felt I was in limbo with the delay. However on the day I was so grateful to be able to access free, safe and local health care. That I could rest at home knowing support was just a phone call and visit away. I wish NI already had adequate fully staffed abortion services it shouldn't be a lottery depending on location or willing pro choice medical staff

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Real Stories of Abortion

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Real Stories of Abortion

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Real Stories of Abortion

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