I already have two children and have had two miscarriages. My pregnancies are always hard and I knew right away that it would be irresponsible to go through with the pregnancy. Having an abortion during covid turned out to be a good break for me - I could stay in my own home throughout. And to be fair I don’t really see the point in having to go to the clinic anyway. I read that before covid if you do have a medical abortion via pills then you just go to the clinic, have a consultation at the clinic and then are asked to take the first tablet there and then and then they give you the second tablets to take home with you anyway. So if anything it probably makes people feel a bit more emotional having to see someone face-to-face to talk about it rather than just do it over the phone. It just seems a bit pointless. I understand if you need to have a surgical abortion then obviously you’d need to go and be seen but when you’re so early on then I just don’t think it’s needed to have to go into clinic environment and have essentially what could be done in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your own things. I was lucky that mine was over quickly without too much pain.

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