I had been seeing a chap for a good couple of months and quite casually. And yeah, we basically had been using condoms and we didn’t that night and I’m pretty clear when I’m ovulating and… yeah, and just an absolute idiot. I had a very, very stressful couple of days and at the back of my mind I did think, you know ‘I should go and take the morning-after pill, I’m slightly concerned’ and I didn’t. And literally by the day that my period was due I knew I was pregnant. I’m pretty bang-on with my period and my ovulation and, I mean, I’m 38 so, you know, I know my cycle quite well. So it was an absolutely idiotic thing to do. And I knew straight away [laughs]. I basically knew very, very, very soon afterwards, yeah, that I should have got the morning-after pill. So yeah, it was very, very foolish. And I was very stressed-out about something else so I didn’t focus on that and, you know, by the time I sort of thought really I should have dealt with it and gone and got the morning-after pill, 72 hours had passed so I kind of knew probably straight away actually, to be honest with you, yeah.

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