I am a mother of 3 children who live with their father. I had to fight in family court to even have contact with them during the time I lost my home, my family, everything. My children’s dad used my post-natal depression and anxiety against me. I was unable, due to losing my home, to provide a place for them to live so my partner and I moved in to a house share. In August 2015 I had my final court hearing and I was granted contact. My partner and I had one accident, and 3 weeks later I discovered I was pregnant. We really didn’t have any choice but to have an abortion. I had to put my children first. I had fought so hard for over a year for them, having a baby would have thrown that all away, they needed me. It killed me making that decision, I never thought I would have an abortion, but my children come first. I had a surgical abortion so that it didn’t affect contact with my children. I don’t regret my decision but it still makes me cry.