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I was told it was unlikely I would ever have children because of hormonal imbalance. So when I fell pregnant at 18 I felt couldn’t terminate the pregnancy even though my partner at the time did not want me to continue with the pregnancy, and left me after our child was born. When I fell pregnant again I knew the dad wouldn’t be around this time either. I’m already a single parent and I’m scraping by week to week. I chose to have an abortion because I didn’t want to jeopardize my daughter’s quality of life. Financially, mentally, and emotionally it is a lot to take on and I’m obviously aware of everything it involves, having already been through it. I just thought really, it was for the best. I definitely made the right decision, no doubt about it. My daughter is my number one priority and it means that she can continue to have a good quality of life and we can get by comfortably.

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