My husband and I had two beautiful children. The youngest was 15 months. It had been harder with two than one and we had multiple other challenges including my mother being very sick. We had been using condoms but had perhaps not been careful enough. When I realised I was pregnant I was horrified and my husband was concerned too. We felt that a third child at that time, and possibly ever, would place too much strain on our relationship and family which would make life more difficult too for our children. It was a hard decision to take as at my age (41) we are unlikely to have more kids now. The process was hard, too, even as an early drug-induced abortion as brought back memories of an earlier miscarriage.But it was the right decision and I have not regretted it.

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Real Stories of Abortion

I've been having ongoing period problems which had only started being investigated. Although continued bleeding was nothing new a test to rule out pregnancy was positive. I was relieved that it's avai

Real Stories of Abortion

Yesterday was my second abortion. My first one was an easy choice as I was just a teenager, dating, and clueless. Even though it hurt emotionally, it was still an easy choice. This time it was more d

Real Stories of Abortion

Please know: It's OK to be OK. Abortion should be a rational choice and if you're NOT feeling wracked by guilt, that just proves you're doing the right thing. Covid, with lockdown and economic chaos