I had my first abortion when I was 20. I was studying abroad at the time and I went through the procedure in a foreign system by myself. Looking back I’m so proud of myself for my strength. I got pregnant again at 23 and had a much more complicated time. BPAS supported me through an ectopic pregnancy scare and a failed medical abortion before I eventually had a surgical abortion a few weeks later. It was a tough experience but I don’t regret it – I was really well supported and it’s strengthened my sense of self and my relationship with my body.

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Real Stories of Abortion

Please know: It's OK to be OK. Abortion should be a rational choice and if you're NOT feeling wracked by guilt, that just proves you're doing the right thing. Covid, with lockdown and economic chaos

Real Stories of Abortion

I got pregnant for the first time at age 30. At the time, I was unemployed & had no health insurance and I was in no position to raise

Real Stories of Abortion

For all the women reading this, I hope this story gives you hope and strength because I promise, the process may be a lot easier than anticipated. Below is my story of a very positive experience, so p