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I use to be against abortion, simply because of my family’s beliefs, which were of Christianity and Catholicism. My mother would say how having an abortion was murder, and my dad would say no one but God would have the right to take a life away, and I grew up believing that, and judging women who had an abortion. I stated at 17 how if I ever got pregnant, I would keep my baby, no matter what, because abortion was wrong. I didn’t realize just how wrong I was to hold such beliefs, and how toxic it would to myself, to my soul. I no longer identify with any religion. I realized just how outdated, and wrong some of them were. I no longer judged others for making choices that religion would condemn them for. I still had a hard time accepting abortion, until I needed one, which was not my last. The first time I got pregnant, it was out of nowhere, and I was very intent to keep it, but then my body started getting worse, health wise I wasn’t getting better. I thought it was normal, you know, but it turned out to be life risking, and so I had the choice of either aborting to save myself or risk losing my life, the baby, or both. In the end, I chose to abort. It was the hardest decision to ever make. I honestly had a hard time coping with the reality of having an abortion because I grew up believing it was wrong. I got pregnant two more times, and each time, I made the choice to abort, because of the health risks I faced the first time, and second. I wasn’t ready financially and mentally. I suffer from ptsd, and I am suicidal. Someone like me should not be able to have children, at least not until I get better. Having an abortion can be traumatising. But no woman should ever be guided, or feel guilty to have one because someone else believes it to be unnecessary. The biggest thing I get upset hearing is “some women can’t even bear children”. There is a thing called adoption, as there are a LOT of children who don’t have a family, a place to call their home. I hope one day, we can all accept that if one isn’t ready, one is at risk, that taking to choice to abort is necessary, and our individual right.

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