I was 22 and I’d just realized my dream of moving away from my home country, a dream I had since I was little. In the first week of me being in England I met this young men, who I started dating with. After 2 months we were together and I flew back home for Christmas. I should have actually had an operation and had to see the doctor two days before the op. There, it turned out that I was pregnant, it was the most shocking moment in my life ever. I knew that both of us were in sort of a denial, but when I heard the truth it was devastating. I knew that I couldn’t keep the baby, it would have been too difficult. The most terrible and painful thing was telling my parents, they were disappointed, especially my dad! Moving away and coming back home pregnant is not what you want for Christmas. However, I am happy that my parents were very understand and my mother told me that she had had an abortion too, when she was 19. She said the same like I thought “I wasn’t ready for it, I always thought if I ever have kids I want to offer them a house, good food, clothes and I want to have settled down with my husband”, these were exactly my thoughts, because I know that I had a wonderful childhood and they gave me all of that and most importantly their love. I think every child deserves that and if you think you can’t offer it and don’t feel ready then it is the right choice to wait until you can!

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