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I had 2 abortions before the age of 18.

I was 17 when I first fell pregnant – sex without any contraception, I knew it was risky not using any but obviously you ‘never think it’s going to happen to you’ I was very naive being a young 17 year old and finding out I was pregnant was probably one of the scariest things, I immediately told my mum and after the initial shock and (anger) we both decided the right thing would be for me to get an abortion. It was never a case of ‘let’s think about my options’ I was 17, in college and was no way prepared to have a baby. I found the clinic online and rung them up to book an appointment, it was very straightforward and once the appointment was scheduled I remember feeling such a sense of relief. I wanted this all to be over as soon as possible. I went to the consultation with my mum about 1 week after making the phone call, the staff were all so friendly and non judgmental, I remember seeing other girls in the waiting room and it felt a little bit easier knowing it wasn’t just happening to me. The lady asked me a few questions, weighed me and checked my height. After this I had a scan where I learnt I was 6 weeks pregnant, early enough for the medical abortion (I was pleased about this because I read that it was the most straight forward procedure) after my scan I was booked in for my treatment which was the following week. Once I arrived at the clinic for my medical abortion I was greeted by a really friendly nurse, I can’t explain how lovely these ladies were they really made me feel at ease, she took a finger prick scan (wasn’t painful just a little prick) to check my blood group and then she checked my blood pressure. I remember feeling so nervous and scared I just wanted it to be over! I then got up on the bed and she did a scan of my tummy, because I was so early on I had to use a probe (small thing that goes inside the vagina) it wasn’t painful but a little bit uncomfortable. Once that was over it was time to take the first tablet. The first one (mifepristone) was to stop the pregnancy from continuing, it was a small tablet that I swallowed with water. Then shortly after I took the second tablet (misoprostol) this makes the womb contract and ends the pregnancy like a miscarriage. After a brief chat with the nurse about the side effects of the pills I was given a packet of Codeine to help with the pain and left the clinic. The pain.. now I’m not saying this so scare people but when I had my first abortion the pain was bad (second medical abortion the pain was much less and more of a period type cramp) about 1 hour after taking the second pill I experienced intense cramping, much more than period pain, I got home and went to bed with a hot water bottle and a lot of love and help from my mum. The pain got a lot worse, the cramps were very strong and I would recommend a hot water bottle 100%! The bleeding was like a very heavy period, there was mostly massive blood clots that would pass in the toilet. The pain lasted for about 4 hours until I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling fine and pain free. I have read many horror stories online about the medical abortion but my experience wasn’t as bad as some I have read, everyone’s bodies are different after all so many react differently. Personally I felt like the medical abortion was the most straightforward type of abortion, I was only in the clinic twice and it was over before I knew it. Of course with any abortion there is going to be some pain but it was bearable. I hope this helps anyone going through what I went through! I think you are so brave, good luck!

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