I was 14, anorexic and had taken the morning after pill. With my irregular periods I had no idea I could get pregnant. If my private school knew, I would have been expelled and if my parents knew, they would have hurt me. The clinic and NHS let me have a confidential abortion without anyone finding out except my mental health team, and provided me with post abortion stress therapy. I wouldn’t be here today without the help I received from these agencies.

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Real Stories of Abortion

I've been having ongoing period problems which had only started being investigated. Although continued bleeding was nothing new a test to rule out pregnancy was positive. I was relieved that it's avai

Real Stories of Abortion

Yesterday was my second abortion. My first one was an easy choice as I was just a teenager, dating, and clueless. Even though it hurt emotionally, it was still an easy choice. This time it was more d

Real Stories of Abortion

Please know: It's OK to be OK. Abortion should be a rational choice and if you're NOT feeling wracked by guilt, that just proves you're doing the right thing. Covid, with lockdown and economic chaos