At 20 weeks of my pregnancy I was pushed down the stairs by partner. My membranes were ruptured and I was admitted to hospital. The scan showed a huge loss of amniotic fluid and the foetus looked ‘vacuum packed’. I had to wait for 3 days to be administered prostaglandin. Due to the law surrounding abortion I had to wait for the heartbeat to stop. It was a truly traumatic time. Repeal the 8th!

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I was a mature adult and believed I was in a loving caring relationship. I feel now I was very wrong. It was a very tough decision choosing to terminate, but I felt like I had to do it to protect my b

I was very young when I stupidly got pregnant. I managed to persuade my GP to give me the precious green consent form even though by that point I was around 16-17 weeks. I think it was because I was s

I didn’t really know what to expect when I had an abortion at home during covid. I didn’t panic but there were a few moments where I was just not quite sure what to expect and because I didn’t know an