Reading all these stories I think it’s so important that women and people in general know about the fact that abortions are so common and one of the safest and most regulated procedures. It does not have to be a shameful and horrendous moral dilemma. Everyone has their own right to choose what to do with their body and we should support that.

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I was a mature adult and believed I was in a loving caring relationship. I feel now I was very wrong. It was a very tough decision choosing to terminate, but I felt like I had to do it to protect my b

I was very young when I stupidly got pregnant. I managed to persuade my GP to give me the precious green consent form even though by that point I was around 16-17 weeks. I think it was because I was s

I didn’t really know what to expect when I had an abortion at home during covid. I didn’t panic but there were a few moments where I was just not quite sure what to expect and because I didn’t know an