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I went on the pill when I was 13 because I had bad periods, just absolutely horrible, so I went to the doctor and they said that the pill would be a good thing for me. I was on it for about 7 years, which seems a really long time. I got my first long term boyfriend at 14, we were together for 5 years and I just carried on taking the pill whilst we were dating. I continued with it after we broke up. I’m in a different relationship now and about 6 months ago I just decided that ‘I’ve been on this pill too long, constantly taking it every day. I don’t want to have drugs in my body’. My body felt like it needed a break from the hormones so I stopped taking it. My partner and I agreed to use condoms but one split and I left it too late to get the ‘morning after pill’ because we were away camping at the time so there was nothing I could do about it. My period was due around about that time so I thought I would be okay, but I guess I was unlucky and I got pregnant.

I was in my last year at university so I knew straight away that I couldn’t keep it. With the massive debt from student loans I could never afford a baby as well, not for a few years at least. When I have a baby I want to be able to give it everything. Having a baby at this age does not coincide with my plans for the future. I don’t know if I’m secure with my new partner and I feel like I’m the one doing things like working and going to university so it’s just really hard. My mum, sister, aunty and boyfriend all supported my decision and I am happy with the choice I made. I expected to feel upset but I felt relieved instead. It just wasn’t the right place or the right time. That’s actually how I put my mind to it.

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