I have never been pregnant BUT my mother (who is South American) ONLY BECAUSE she found out she was pregnant with me whilst in California had a CHOICE to abort me. She has been open about this and some times has said she should’ve thought about it for longer. My grandad encouraged her to abort me because she was young and unmarried. I was brought up in a loving but broken family, and even though I’m glad to be alive, I firmly believe this choice MUST be available to every woman. I know my mum is grateful now she had me. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Now, as a grown woman I think about this, and if she had found out she was expecting me in Peru or Venezuela or El Salvador or another country in Latin America she would not have had the chance to CHOOSE. This is important. Regardless of my mother’s decision of having me, this should be that, a DECISION for all women. I know if I got pregnant now I would get an abortion. I am not ready to be a mother and although I want children eventually, I’m putting my career first and that’s okay. Nobody should feel guilty or selfish because of this. But, some of the Latin American traditions ingrained in me would maybe make me feel guilty, even though I’m a feminist, even though I support abortions. So stop the STIGMA. Women, love yourself first before you love someone else.

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