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I got this appointment booked for 2weeks time after I called BPAS. I asked for the consultation and abortion to be on the same day. I spoke to various people on the phone- as I needed a call back, I felt comfortable, they sounded friendly, understanding and gave me all the information I needed.

The Wednesday came, I took a friend with because just incase I felt ill traveling home etc. I checked into a friendly reception, it was very quiet, and a small clinic. I no way felt uncomfortable and awkward like I thought I was be! The receptionist gave me forms to fill in and give back- which I did in the waiting room. I also revived an information booklet which I got to keep and was able to read whilst waiting, so I kind of had more information about the treatments provided.

Not long after, around 15/20 minutes. I got called into a room. This is where she double checked my details, asked me if I was sure about my decision and asked if it was definitely the right one for me. I agreed it was the right decision, and with complete understatement we continued. I had HIV check and iron level check, which was done by a small prick on my finger, I think I may have been tested for something else with the blood too .. i don’t remember exactly. I then was given a pack, which was basically a very long cotton bud. This was to check for any STDs. I was told what to do and then went to the toilet, then gave to reception when completed. I then sat and waited to see the nurse for my scan.

The nurse called me in after about 15/ 20 minutes. She sat and spoke to me, explained both tablets and what they do, that she’d be giving me a scan and explained how she would, checked my medical information, told me how far I was and what treatment was best for me to have. I was then sent away and told I’d have to wait about half an hour for the nurse to get my medication ready etc. I was called back in. Given the first pill, along with an anti sickness pill and 4 antibiotics. I was then given 4 other tablets to have the next day at home!

I was allowed to go home. Slight cramping for the 24 hours. When I say slight I mean hardly anything. Once I finished work about half 4 (24hours after the first tablet) I inserted 4 on the tablets one by one up my vagina as far as they could go. Which I was explained on how to do it (was also in my booklet I was given). About half an hour later the cramping began, I had a hot water bottle and found it best if I rocked on all 4’s. To be honest any position you can get yourself in that feels comfortable, do so, and that worst bit will be over before you know it. I also took codeine that was provided by the nurse and I also too ibuprofen. I’d say the cramping hurt bad for about half an hour to an hour, which was the worst part. After that it was just discomfort, I think because the tablets were working.

I went to the toilet at about 8, and the bleeding had started. My next toilet was around 10, this is where I felt blood clots and pressure. I’m pretty sure this is when I passed it but I’m not sure. I went for my next toilet about 12:30 again blood clots but not as big.

I’m now a week on all pain has gone, I’m still bleeding on and off but that’s normal! No pain at all. I was bleeding heavily up until yesterday, I was concerned and decided to call the after care team which were amazing and gave me reassurance that it was normal and not to worry.

I honestly can’t thank every member of staff enough at BPAS, not a pleasant thing to go through but each member of staff I spoke to or I had been seen by where friendly and professional!

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